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Boost Your Crypto Trading Earnings with Profitage’s own Algorithmic Bots. Choose Your Scenario and Let the Robots do the Work!

Choose a bot

Choice of pre-defined trading bots sorted by profitability speed

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Use the Demo Mode to try Profitage bots in action without risking any funds or go Live

Add an Exchange

Add Exchange API keys to enable Live trading with Real funds. You are always in control of your money.

Earn Rewards

Share the word to your friends and followers about Profitage to get Rewards

Handful Selection of Trading Bots

We use machine learning combined with human analysis with per-second precision to determine the best possible bot settings to reflect on various market scenarios.

Bots can Short or Long or work in a combination
Safe and Agressive options to choose from
Detailed bot statistics and easy management tools

Control Everything with Telegram Messenger

Use the Telegram Messenger to access Profitage Bots from across multiple platforms in a form of simple chat-like communication.

Instant registration and secure access
Chat bot will take you around
At your fingertips on a phone or a computer

Secure reliable trading

Our system is built with safety in mind. We will not touch your funds or move them, our system is ready to continue operations even if there are issues with Exchange connection or our servers.

Redundant servers ensure reliability of our servers. Never loose a trade.
Trading real funds via API Key. Secure connections with Exchanges.
You are in control of your funds. Profitage cannot withraw funds or move them.

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