What are Presets ?

Preset – is a predefined set of trading strategy parameters, also known as strategy configuration, that has been selected using the Profitage analytical Platform.

How are presets selected in Profitage?

Each preset is adopted for a certain trading pair on a specific exchange. Preset selection begins with research of the pair’s forming factors. These are: liquidity, trading volumes and average price movements in comparison to other exchanges.

After the research we prepare a set of configurations for further testing. Usually, there are about 300k configurations in the set. Testing of each configuration in the set is called Multitest. We select configurations that demonstrate effective and stable uniform trading during analysis of the multitest results. 

The selected configurations are subject to additional analysis through another kind of testing – Offset test. A configuration that is being tested, is tested multiple times with a slight time shift (offset) from the previous run. Such testing allows us to select those configurations that perform overall, besides multitest historical segment.

The configurations that remain selected after all tests become presets and are available to start by the users.