Aggressive Short

Market: Binance USDⓈ-M Futures BTCUSDT
From: 2023-10-23 22:00:00
Till: 2023-11-08 22:00:00
Trading strategy: alpha
Required Balance: 150 - 10000
Estimated Balance Doubling in: 9.9 days
Liquidation Risk: 0.5 %
Pretty aggressive preset that trades only in short direction. Performs good in 600 USDT price spans. Survives in 1000 USDT price pumps. If you expect Bear trend, feel free to start a bot from it.

Offset Test Statistics

  • total_tests 1153
  • in_progress 875 (75.9 %)
  • finished_successfully 272 (23.6 %)
  • finished_liquidated 6 (0.5 %)
Double duration statistic among successful bots
  • Fastest bot has doubled in 5.0 days
  • Slowest bot has doubled in 10.4 days
  • Average bot has doubled in 8.8 days
  • 50% of bots have doubled in 9.5 days
  • 75% of bots have doubled in 9.9 days
  • 90% of bots have doubled in 10.2 days
Bots Pricing What are Presets ?

What Is Required Balance

Required balance is a constraint for the balance bot initial balance. It is not allowed to start a bot based on a wallet whose balance does not fit required balance range. This is made to provide correctness of the bot and market stability. Range of required balance is based on market and exchange individual specifics.

What is Estimated Doubling

Each set of parameters goes through a special time shift testing to become a preset. A new bot starts every hour of the testing time period. We call this Offset test. Results of this test can be found above.

Duration that covers 75% of doubled bots is considered as Estimated doubling duration.

What is Liquidation Risk

Liquidation is a procedure when your position is automatically closed by an exchange and your balance becomes equal to zero. This happens when a wallet's position loss becomes greater than its balance.

Liquidation Risk of a preset is calculated as L / T
L – count of bots with status finished_liquidated
T – total number of bot instances in the test