Bots Pricing

Bots can be launched in two modes: DEMO and REAL. Bots trade until reaching 100% profit or liquidation and shutdown after. You can stop any bot at any time.

Demo mode

Demo bots are free. You can run up to 10 demo bots at one time. Demo bots do not perform any exchange actions and have no prerequisites for launch. We tried to make Demo mode as similar to Real as possible. Demo mode allows to test our presets, evaluate Real trading and risks before launching bots in Real mode.

Real mode

BTCUSDT on Binance USDⓈ-M Futures is the only supported market at the moment. Real bots use wallet that belongs to the attached API Key. Your wallet's USDT balance is considered as bot's initial balance on launch. There is internal currency - Profit Points in Profitage ecosystem, which is used to run bots. Each user is provided with 10 Profit Points upon registration. You spend Profit Points to launch bots in Real mode. Bot's launch pricing works as follows:

1. Starting cost of the bot cost in Profit Points is equal to Bot's initial balance divided by 50 and rounded down. Profitage locks the amount of Profit Points equal to the starting cost upon bot launch.

2. Final cost of the bot is equal to finished bot's Closed PnL divided by 50 and rounded up, but not less than zero and not more than the starting cost. Final cost is withdrawn from your account upon bot finish, the rest amount of Profit Points is unlocked.

3. In case of any interventions in trading process, the WHOLE starting cost is withdrawn REGARDLESS of bot's results.
These are, including, but not limited to:

  • Any API Key permissions issues
  • Moving margin asset funds on your wallet or perform any orders with it.
  • Changing leverage, trading mode or margin type. All of them are the parts of bot preset and set up automatically.
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