How to create and add Binance API Key to Profitage

1. Log in to Binance

Log in to your Binance account or create a new one.

2. Open Futures Account

Go to WalletFutures and follow the provided instructions. When you complete all steps, your Binance Futures account will be open.

3. Create API Key

3.1 Go to Account API Management

3.2 Click on Create API to create new API key

3.3 Select System Generated type of API key and go Next.

3.4. Label your API key. Give your API key any name, so you can easily understand that this key is connected to Profitage.

3.5. Edit your API Key Restrictions.

These restrictions allow our platform to process trading activity on your Binance account. Click [Edit restrictions] and set the following permissions:

Set IP Access restrictions First:
⭕ Restrict access to trusted IPs only
. Add the following IP addresses:
Then enable following checks:
  • Enable Reading (active by default)
  • Enable Spot & Margin Trading
  • Enable Futures

Click Save when ready.

Read this article if you have any problems with Binance API Key creation

4. Add API Key to Profitage

4.1. Go to Profitage Telegram Bot.

4.2. Press [🔑 API Keys] -> [🔑 Add API Key] or use /addexchangekey

4.3. Follow bots Instructions.