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Bot: #demo777 Generous Defile

  • demo or real – The bot's trading mode
  • 777 – The bot number. All your bots are consecutively numbered from 001 to infinity
  • Generous Defile – Name of the preset that is used by the bot

Start Time: 2022-11-23T12:45:42Z – The bot have started at this time 

Initial Balance: 5000.oo USDT – Bot's starting balance

Status: finished_successfully – Current status of the bot


 Running: 1 day 11 hours 45 minutes 21 seconds – Current bot lifetime

 Closed PnL: +1000.00 USDT (10%)

+1000.00 USDT – Current profit or loss of bot closed positions including paid fee

10% – Initial RoE (Closed PnL / InitialBalance × 100)

Market Close PnL: +1100.00 USDT (11%)

+1100.00 USDT – Estimated profit or loss of the bot if you close all positions by market right now.

11% – Estimated Initial RoE if you close all positions right now (Market Close PnL / InitialBalance × 100)


Market: Binance USDⓈ-M Futures | btcusdt – The bot is carrying out orders on this market

Current Price: 16541.23 – Current price for mentioned market

Liquidation Price: 14056.36 – The bot will be liquidated at this price

Balance: 5452.59 USDT – Current wallet balance

Position PnL: -370.40 USDT – Current positions profit or loss

FinishStopLoss PnL: -2000.00 USDT – Position PnL value that triggers Finish StopLoss (hidden if Finish StopLoss is not set)

Long: size:2.00000000 BTC, entry:16726.43, pnl: -370.40 USDT – Long position details

Short: size:0.00000000 BTC, entry:0.00, pnl: 0.00 USDT – Short position details

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