How to start a bot

1. In the chat with @profitage_bot:

  • Tap 💰 New Bot in the menu (bottom right corner of the screen)
  • Or send /addbot message

2. Select one of the currently available presets. You can read about presets here

3. Click 🚀 Start Bot from this preset

4. Choose bot mode.

Any bot can be started either in DEMO or REAL mode.

DEMO mode is a simulation and it is free.

Demo bots do not perform any exchange actions and have no prerequisites for launch. We tried to make bots in Demo mode as similar to Real as possible. Demo mode allows to test our presets, evaluate Real trading and risks before launching bots in Real mode. You can run up to 10 Demo bots at one time.

REAL mode is a real trading on an exchange.

Real mode requires connected exchange API key and works according to the following Pricing model.

5. Accept bot start (click Yes)

6. Start Communication with @profitage_notifier_bot go to @profitage_notifier_bot and press START

It is very important to start communication with Notification bot to receive notifications about bots trades, even DEMO bots send such ones. This allows you to monitor bot behavior and evaluate our algorithms.

💸 REAL mode prerequisites

1. Create API Key, skip this part if you already have an API key

2. 🔑 Add API Key to @profitage_bot

3. Ensure you have funds on the required market

4. Ensure balance fits preset required balance Required balance is a constraint for the balance bot initial balance. It is not allowed to start a bot based on a wallet whose balance does not fit required balance range. This is made to provide correctness of the bot and market stability. Range of required balance is based on market and exchange individual specifics.

5. Ensure the wallet associated with the API Key has no open positions and has no other bots running on it.

6. Ensure PP balance:
There is internal currency - Profit Points in Profitage ecosystem, which is used to run bots. Starting cost of the bot cost in Profit Points is equal to Bot's initial balance divided by 50 and rounded down. For more info, please visit Bots Pricing.

How to get PP if not enough:

You can purchase Profit Points (PP) in Profitage bot Profitage

You can earn PP by inviting new users

After all checks are passed you can start a 💸 REAL Bot 🎉

How to track bot trades

After you've started the bot

1. In 🤖 My Bots or /managebots cmd you can watch bot status in realtime

2. Also there is a Profitage Notifier Bot that sends notifications about each trade and bot's finishes

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