Finish StopLoss

We are excited to introduce a new feature that may help you to avoid financial losses while using the bot. Now you are able to activate Finish StopLoss during the bots operation. You can set or modify the Finish StopLoss as percentage of the initial balance.

Keep in mind that Profitage bots perform gracefully by themselves! So, Finish StopLoss is an optional feature. Using this feature may reduce the earn potential of the bot due to lower drawdown capacity. Setting Finish StopLoss value less than ClosedPnL allows you to avoid liquidation and makes your bot breakeven


If you configure finish stop-loss level at 20%, the bot will automatically close all positions when the cumulative losses reach 20% of the initial balance. This is equal to 2000 USDT loss for a bot with 10000 USDT initial balance. In this case, the bot will shutdown with finished_force_stop_loss status. Bot's PP cost will be calculated in the same way as finished_force_market_close status.

This feature works both for real and demo modes.


Suppose you have started a bot with initial balance equal to 10000 USDT and you have set Finish StopLoss at 20% level. Afterwards, the bot have earned 7000 USDT, and bot's balance become equal to 17000 USDT. Then, the bots PositionPnL reaches -2000 USDT and bot finished with status finished_force_stop_loss. Your wallet balance will be about 15000 USDT.

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